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    Our system didn't recognise the address. Please make sure it's correct - it can be a street address, airport, hotel name or venue.
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      Taxi Cologne

      Cologne, the admired cathedral city

      The rhine river, the cathedral, and the open-hearted citizens make up the beauty of Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany, which is divided into two parts due to the rhine meandering through the town. Moreover, Cologne is popular for its soccer team, its international trade fair, its rich historical background and rhenish delicacies and last but not least its fifth season of the year, the days of carnival. Accordingly, the city enchants tourists and business travelers from all over the world.

      A memorable city trip to Cologne

      Cologne is captivating due to its vibrant night life, its unique museum and gallery landscape as well as its brewery houses along the rhine promenade. Cologne’s two best know liquids are probably its beer, Kölsch, and Eau de Cologne, number 4711. Moreover, the Belgian quarter and the Hohe Straße cause shopping- lovers’ hearts to beat faster tempting with little shops on the one hand and famous, international brands on the other. For those who are fond of nature the “Rheinpark” represents a stunning, green landscape, from where you can take off with the cable car across the rhine to enjoy a stunning panorama view on cologne. Talixo enables tourists to experience an unforgettable city trip to Cologne while making the trip even more comfortable and safer, as you can book a taxi picking you up directly from your hotel and carrying you to all the different attractions and restaurants in cologne and back for a reasonable price. This saves you from long waiting times for public transportation.

      Benefits for tourists in Cologne

      Talixo enables tourists to experience an unforgettable city trip to Cologne while making the trip even more comfortable and safer:

      • Reach all your desired destinations in the quickest and most secure way on time.
      • Avoid any unforeseen surprises due to our fair and transparent fixed-prices.
      • Enjoy a safe and pleasant voyage thanks to professional drivers and flawless vehicles.
      • Be independent from public transportation and profit from a taxi available for you on time even at rush-hour or at midnight.

      Business trip to cologne

      If you travel on business purposes, efficient time management is a must. Talixo offers the advantage to pre-book your taxies to reduce waiting times between meetings and by this maximize your efficiency. Moreover, you will reach airport, exhibition center, hotel or customers on time without any stress, which makes your business travel even more comfortable, as our professional taxi drivers are available at any time and take the quickest route possible.

      Advantages for business travellers

      Besides punctuality and a fast and comfortable ride through the streets of Cologne Talixo has several additional benefits to offer:

      • Minimized bureaucracy thanks to directive of VAT invoicing.
      • After providing your company’s credit card information once all follow-up bookings are carried out even more easily.
      • The multi-user function allows several employees to have access to one and the same account to keep the overview of all the placed bookings and make changes on time.
      • Loyal customers profit from attractive discounts provided through our bonus system.

      Pre-order your taxi in Cologne

      One definitively ought to see Cologne cathedral in the city center. Here, parking spaces are unfortunately limited, however Talixo allows you to order your taxi already in advance for a reasonable price. This further results in the advantage that once you arrive in Cologne you are directly welcomed by your taxi driver being available for you at your requested date and time. You can state the amount of passengers, pieces of luggage and prefered taxi class as well and reach all your desired destinations such as hotel, zoo or the chocolate museum on time.